Thursday, October 25, 2007

“It pokes fun in an affectionate way at various musical theatre genres,” explains Rae Robison, director of the HSU production and assistant professor in the Department of Theatre, Film and Dance. “Like the big production Busby Berkeley movie musical number, the big Gospel number with the choir, West Side Story meets the The Threepenny Opera, or the Les Miz moment where the people’s rebellion takes over.”

“It’s not formulaic,” adds Elisabeth Harrington, the production's music director and assistant professor in the Department of Music, “but at the same time it’s so formulaic it’s ridiculous. It takes the audience on an almost manic ride of styles.”

“There are a lot of gross jokes, and moments of ‘Wow,’ Harrington adds. “This show puts its cards on the table—there’s no mystery--but there are surprises in how far the joke can take us.”

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