Monday, October 8, 2007

How about this one?

The cast in meditation? Low blood sugar? Or
are they...plotting something? [click on image to
hugeify it.]
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hot blades best friend said...

hey theres me and hot blades plotting once again. muhhhaaaa

Tiny Tom said...

I don't think the grown ups r doing a good job at watching over hope; her gag is off and she isn't even roped. what if she runs away?

Little Becky 2 Shoes said...

Don't worry Tiny Tom. She won't leave while she's on my clock!

Hot Blades Harry said...

Tiny Tom, don't you know we have to ungag our hostages so they can sing when it's time for their number to roll?

Little Becky 2 Shoes said...

Yeah. What he said.