Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dirty Minds

Charles Shaughnessy, an actor in the Broadway production, comments on his web site that he’s heard many schools are considering doing this musical but are “hesitant to do it because of the title of the show!” He believes that colleges “could not pick a better show” because: “The deeply thoughtful message of the show concerning abuse of power, corruption and oppression is wrapped up in a deliciously anarchic and satirical coating that appeals to the sensibilities of just the blossoming minds you find on campuses.”

On this topic, director Rae Robison commented: “Recently the show was axed at a public high school in Ohio and replaced by a more ‘wholesome’ show, The Music Man. The irony of choosing a show where the main protagonist is a swindler stealing money from the town and its children, as opposed to our hero, Bobby Strong in Urinetown, who leads the poor in a people’s revolution, was probably not lost on the creators of our musical. After all, a show where corporations control the masses, worldwide ecological collapse is imminent, the government and law enforcement officials are for hire, basic human necessities are available only to the rich, and a revolution erupts may be too controversial for every venue. I’m glad we’re not afraid of tackling a show which makes us all a little uncomfortable about our resources being used up and the realities of the checks and balances that Mother Nature occasionally bounces our way. Enjoy your visit to Urinetown – not the place, just the musical.”

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