Friday, October 5, 2007

The Cast

Officer Lockstock: Clayton Cook
Officer Barrel: Chris Hatcher
Penny Pennywise:Katherine Bickford
Bobby Strong: Erik Rhea
Little Sally: Lindsey Tewksbury
Caldwell B. Cladwell: Heath Houghton
Mr. McQueen/Und. Hot Blades Harry: Chris Scardina
Senator Fipp: Lela Annotto-Pemberton
Hope Cladwell: Jamie Banister
Little Becky Two Shoes: Megan Hughes
Hot Blades Harry: Charles Heinberg
Company/Old Man Strong: Logan Porrazzo
Josephine Strong/Und. Penny: Kirsten Randrup
Soupy Sue: Kristin Hoffman
Company/Tiny Tom/ UGC Executive #2: Gabriel Holman
Company/Robby the Stockfish: Thomas Tucker
Company/Billy Boy Bill: Mason Lev
Company/Mrs. Millenium: Katherine Kinley
Cladwell’s Secretary/Und Hope: Kelly Whitaker
Company/UGC Executive #1: Jaclyn Catino
Company/Und. Little Becky/Dr. Billeaux: Serena Porter
Company/Und. Soupy Sue/ Und. Mrs. Millenium: Chisana White
Company/Und. Old Man Strong: Jarod Settles
Company/Und. Josephine: Danielle VandeWetering
Company/Girl Cop/Und. Little Sally: Robin Di Cello
Company/Boy Cop/Und. Senator Fipp:Ethan Heintz
Company/Und. Bobby: Kyle Ryan
Company/Und. Barrell: Patrick Croft
Company/Und. Cladwell: Alex Mitra
Company: Sara Scibetta
Company: Kaia Renouf

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Tiny Tom said...

YES!!!! My name for once is spelled correctly :)